Value Proposition

GraMS Enriches Graduate Life

Our Mission

GraMS serves to facilitate professional networking and social interactions between grad students, postdocs, faculty, and staff within both the MechSE department and the Graduate College as a whole.


Our goal is to serve. As a collection of MechSE students, postdocs, faculty and staff, we are in a unique position to promote graduate connections.


We understand the particular challenges that graduate students face. We work to provide access to educational and professional opportunities.


Academic rigor requires a supportive environment. We strive to host dedicated events to foster technical and social capacity among us.

Our Perspective

GraMS firmly believes we can improve the quality of the graduate student experience.
We organize professional and social opportunities to promote fellowship and a more collegiate atmosphere. In turn, we expect a greater pride in the MechSE department.

Love Engineering. Love Life.

Dynamic Feedback Cycle

If you have suggestions or concerns that you would like addressed, please feel free to let us know. These forms could really tell us what are the events/activities you would like to see more.